New Build Plumbing

Are you building a new home?

From the start of the build up to the final details, the team at Atak Plumbing can take care of all your plumbing needs! With a well-sized team and fully-equipped vehicles, we can get the plumbing to your new home up and running fast! We have a range of earthmoving and excavation equipment do all the preparation work. Our equipment includes excavators, bobcats and sewer jetters.

Whether you are building a house, townhouse or units, we can provide our services to you at any stage of the build. From laying the pipes to installing water systems, connecting cooking and heating facilities to maintenance and emergencies, our plumbers will ensure quality workmanship every step of the way.

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From the get-go we can help with the establishment of your plumbing before the pipes are even laid! Thanks to our own machinery, you can rely on us to organise where we will need to fit in your pipes.

Through the use of our excavators, bob-cats and tippers, we can provide you with the dig out and moving of dirt to make room for your new and efficient plumbing system.

Pipe Laying

Once the trenches are established, we can lay down your pipes accordingly. With years of experience installing plumbing into new homes, you can be sure we have the knowledge needed to produce quality work.

Furthermore, we can also rough in your piping during the construction of your house or building. This way we can cover all the plumbing across interior and exterior.

Bathroom & Kitchen Fittings

With you right to the end, we can be trusted to ensure all the bathroom and kitchen fittings are installed and tied in nicely.

From the toilet, bath and shower through to the kitchen sink, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your fittings and accessories have been installed by a licensed professional.

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Proudly offering professional quality plumbing services throughout the entire Illawarra region.


We are always ready to help and will arrive on time, ready to work.

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Have peace of mind knowing that our experts work to a high standard.

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We guarantee our plumbing services will only ever be professional, high quality and outstanding. You should never have to settle for second best.

-- The Atak Plumbing Team

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